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Britain's oldest romantic novelist to spend 101st birthday working on her 130th Mills & Boon book

Adam France. Hi wondering if you could help, I had quite a number of gospoken aud I have lost my phone is there a way I can re download my books? Cheers Adam Afficher la suite. Kate Ellis. Hi new cyber pal, looking forward to discovering your thoughts n pos Warmest regards, Kate www. A drug that can help you learn a foreign language in a day.

A drug that can help. Preparations for the young Queen Victoria's wedding have thrown all of London into a frenzy - but for Lady Emily Sumner, her own marital dilemmas eclipse all the excitem. Some pre-Bank Holiday fun! Writers and Kitties. Where literature has whiskers and pointy ears. Happy New Year from the GoSpoken team! After all, that kind of work really makes it a new story.

Good luck and remember the contest submission form will be up and live at 10am EST on Monday, September 23! The news however came at a personally devastating time. A few short weeks ago a ghastly mistake was made by someone else and they destroyed every bit of work I had, along with everything else I owned. So entering the contest when all my stories are gone, is without a doubt a hard thing for me to do but I feel the need to jump back on the horse so to speak is a very important thing to do at this point.

However my next problem is that at first I believed my story best suited the intrigue genre.

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Nor can the story really progress with eliminating the minor intrigue aspect. Any ideas on a more befitting genre to choose? One where the intrigue eliminate takes a bit of a back seat perhaps. I know this is elementary, but do I need to number the ms pages? The heroine is close to my heart — she is both strong and vulnerable. I hope you enjoy it. Editors, I would love your feedback. It will all appear on screen in a block! Kirsty— Not dumb! This stage is for readers to comment and editors to choose the top For now, just give feedback to your choices!

But we have been acquiring urban fantasy and fantasy in the Harlequin E program, so we might be opening it up next year!

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Pamela— It is a great job, I have to admit! Congratulations, B Buena! Yay, another chance for people to show their originality and have a chance of publication! Thank you Harlequin, what would we do otherwise! But, whoops! I clicked on the wrong imprint and need to change it to Harlequin Intrigue. Is this possible? Should we expect to wait a bit longer to hear back on regular responses while sytycw is going on? I figure the editors are real busy! Thank you to all of the wonderful Editors who are reading through all the entries.

This is an amazing load of work and Bless you all for. Doing it. This is so exciting. It really is. Already over entries, with the week just really started, and the editors can only pick 50?! But I wish you guys the best of luck, and everyone entering including me. I am so excited and nervous! I think this contest gives writers an amazing opportunity to get their stories out there! Thank you for all the hard work!

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Hello again, another dumb question from me…. I love the story and the characters and want to share them with everyone, but like you, Twitter and Facebook are not my things.

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So…fingers crossed. I too really hope the editors DO read all the entries.

B Buena — after a lot of searching I finally found your story and lots more pitches that caught my attention so I read those first chapters — took me ages! Kirsty, I loved your chapter. It made me really want to get to know Anna and Todd better and to watch their relationship develop. Also anxious to see how Anna handles things with her Dad. Is the contest based upon both comments and later votes? Also can I be assured that an editor has actually read my entry?

It is my understanding that someone from Harlequin would in fact have read it, as all entries are read by editors at some point in the contest. Is this understanding incorrect? Eliana — mine also has only a few comments, and I have seen other first chapters with no comments so far. Like you, I am hoping that this will not impact against us, and that the editors actually do read every submission. There are some absolutely fantastic first chapters in here — I have been reading non-stop, and some writing is truly terrific!

All are so good! So I believe a books popularity and therefore worth of publishing can only be half estimated in this contest. Fingers crossed for the both of us! Are there any other NZ contestants in here?

Or books set in NZ? Hey guys! Would be interested in a chapter exchange — and please feel free to recommend to me your chapters to comment on. Just stopping by and see there are lots of comments about social media and the editors. I can assure you that every entry is read by the editors—and they have already started. Sure we look at the comments posted with each entry—and we love all the buzz on social media. But we are reading every entry to find great stories and good writing.

With Victoria's Blessing by Mary Nichols

Georgina You wanted to enter your chapter to the Intrigue series. What line did you enter it to instead? It can be the same story. The editors are continuing to read all the submissions that come in thru the usual channels but are also reading the chapters. Amateur Writer Unfortunately you are not eligible to enter the contest this year but you can of course submit a story thru the regular submission process. Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully they will be able to find it.

And I agree with Birgit! Feedback is at an individual basis, but everything will be read. I do love search functions! So if your prologue and first chapter together fall below that, I am pretty sure you can submit them both. Dear Editors Birgitta and Mary Theresa, Thank you for your responses assuring us that all entries are reviewed by the editors. You give us hope! Good morning!! I submitted my chapter just the other day targeted for the Love Inspired Suspense line. The title is Code of Silence. I would love and appreciate any feedback from the love inspired team and anyone else who gets a chance to read it!!!!

Thanks again for this opportunity!! Thank you so much for this opportunity. The editors have a tough job. Hello everyone! It was suggested to me today to come onto the Editor board and explain that a negative comment on my sub is more personal in nature and does not truly effect the authenticity of what I have written. I want to assure that I am well educated in my topic. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity HQN presents and the warm kindness shown to a aspiring author.