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A kindred sort of vessel grew up by the use of skins and hides expanded upon a wicker framework. To this day cow-hide wicker boats coracles are used upon the west coast of Ireland where there is plenty of cattle and a poverty of big trees.

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They are also still used on the Euphrates, and on the Towy in South Wales. Inflated skins may have preceded the coracle, and are still used on the Euphrates and upper Ganges. In the valleys of the great rivers, boats must early have become an important means of communication; and it seems natural to suppose that it was from the mouths of the great rivers that man, already in a reasonably seaworthy vessel, first ventured out upon what must have seemed to him then the trackless and homeless sea.

No doubt he ventured at first as a fisherman, having learnt the elements of seacraft in creeks and lagoons.

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Men may have navigated boats upon the Levantine lake before the refilling of the Mediterranean by the Atlantic waters. The canoe was an integral part of the heliolithic culture; it drifted with the culture upon the warm waters of the earth from the Mediterranean to at last America.

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There were not only canoes, but Sumerian boats and ships upon the Euphrates and Tigris, when these rivers in 7, B. The Sumerian city of Eridu, which stood at the head of the Persian Gulf from which it is now separated by a hundred and thirty miles of alluvium [1] , had ships upon the sea then. We also find evidence of a fully developed sea life six thousand years ago at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, and possibly at that time there were already canoes on the seas among the islands of the nearer East Indies.

There are predynastic Neolithic Egyptian representations of Nile ships of a fair size, capable of carrying elephants. Very soon the seafaring men must have realized the peculiar freedom and opportunities the ship gave them.

The Earliest Ships and Sailors — The Outline of History by H. G. Wells

They could get away to islands; no chief nor king could pursue a boat or ship with any certainty; every captain was a king. The seamen would find it easy to make nests upon islands and in strong positions on the mainland.

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There they could harbour, there they could carry on a certain agriculture and fishery; but their specialty and their main business was, of course, the expedition across the sea. That was not usually a trading expedition; it was much more frequently a piratical raid. From what we know of mankind, we are bound to conclude that the first sailors plundered when they could, and traded when they had to.

Because it developed in the comparatively warm and tranquil waters of the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, and the western horn of the Indian Ocean, the shipping of the ancient world retained throughout certain characteristics that make it differ very widely from the ocean-going sailing shipping, with its vast spread of canvas, of the last four hundred years.

There will be a range of craft on show, plus the chance to try out some of the equipment on sale, along with a variety of events and entertainment. Our bursary fund supports Welsh residents aged 12 — 25 years.

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The yacht was originally known as Challenge Business 47 and successfully took part in two round the world races — the BT Global Challenge and the Global Challenge , when it came joint seventh, taking days to circle the globe. Designed by Robert Humphreys and built by Devenport Yachts in , she was one of 12 identical yachts that took part in the toughest yacht race in the world and covering some 29, nautical miles.

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