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Allred's simple, yet bold style really pops off the page when combined with his wife Laura Allred's colors. The duo knows how to make an eye-grabbing comic book that puts pop art sensibilities to good use. There are even some great double page spreads that show Michael Allred's skill with directing reader's eyes through sequences without killing the pacing due to readers not knowing where to go next.

Hungry for brains? Izombie review

There's really only one gripe I have with this first collection of iZombie. The end of the trade is relatively anticlimactic. This first storyline doesn't wrap up, but instead acts as a precursor to the real meat of what this series is going to be about. This will come as a disappointment for those expecting a solid, standalone first arc.

iZombie Vol. 1: Dead to the World

However, the exploits of this quirky cast should be reason enough to continue on with this series past this first storyline. You'll find everything from the original painting that kick-started the project to a number of unused covers that will hopefully see the light of day as fully finished and colored pieces.

There are about 11 total sketches and covers making up the supplemental material to this trade, all of which feature commentary by Allred himself. It's nothing that's going to make you want to rebuy the trade if you already own the single issues, but the added content should please the trade waiters and give some insight into Allred's artistic process.

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While the first trade of iZombie doesn't really go out with a bang more of a zombie lumber , the unorthodox cast and over-arching plot setup should provide enough enjoyment where you'll come away happy with the first volume of iZombie. Gwen sets out to fulfill the dead person's last request, solve a crime or right a wrong. Our zombie girl detective is joined by her best friend, Eleanor, who happens to be a swinging '60s ghost, a posse of paintball-blasting vampires, a smitten were-dog and a hot but demented mummy.

Along with his business partner and spouse Allison Baker, he is the publisher of MonkeyBrain Books, an independent publishing house specializing in genre fiction and nonfiction genre studies, and he is the editor of anthology Adventure Vol.

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