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Studies have shown that being optimistic can relieve stress and help you live longer. But can it help you to win sweepstakes, too? One of the most challenging aspects of entering sweepstakes is that nagging feeling that you will never really win, or that you will never win again. It's hard to enter sweepstakes day after day with no guarantee that you'll win, and it's nearly impossible to keep it up if you have a negative attitude about it.

So talk yourself up. Tell yourself you really CAN win. Make it fun perhaps by making yourself some DIY lucky charms.

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Don't let negativity steal your luck. For example, think about winning a prize, actually feel yourself winning your dream prize, and use that visual image to fuel your luck. When you can see yourself being lucky, being strong, being a winner, then you can work backward to see what you need to do to make that image real. You can use this technique to have good luck in many areas of your life, like getting a great job or finding your next romance.

If you watched the movie, Evan Almighty , you might have noticed that Evan's character starts every morning by looking in the mirror and saying, "I am smart, I am successful, I am happy. Affirmations are ways of planting the seeds of success in our subconscious, helping us to think positively and to be more prepared for success. Clement Stone said, "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Affirmations are always positive, in the first person, and in the present tense. You can write them out or repeat them to yourself several times each day. Some good affirmations to improve your luck might be, "I am lucky, I am open to success, I am a winner.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art designed to bring balance, health, and even luck to the people who practice it. Some dismiss feng shui as superstition, but applying the principles of this art can help you to be more productive, more positive, and less distracted. For example, one of the principles of feng shui is that clutter has a negative effect on your energy levels. And it's true: a messy, disorganized space makes it difficult to find what you need and to concentrate on what you need to accomplish.

Imagine that your sweepstakes entry area is clean and tidy, everything you need within your reach. You can concentrate on your sweeps, and get more entries in less time. Can't you just feel your luck starting to increase? Many sweepers swear that they have increased their luck by wearing a favorite pair of socks or t-shirt as they enter sweepstakes or by having lucky symbols like four-leafed clovers, ladybugs, or even Troll dolls near their computers while they enter.

Still, others perform some kind of lucky rituals before they start their daily sweepstakes or listen to lucky music. But this is superstitious nonsense, right? Not necessarily. Using lucky charms and rituals makes you feel luckier, happier, and more optimistic.

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This positive attitude makes it easier to keep entering sweepstakes, and thus brings more luck into your life. You cannot become rich if you think money is some evil germ. There is NO instance of a man who became rich on their own and hated money. Mindset is the first step to making money. An abundance mindset is almost a prerequisite to wealth. You have to become the kind of person who can become rich before you become rich. This is in line with the above.

When they hate on people playing the wealth game, they gain lots of approval and status in their circles. Some celebrities will tell you that making money is bad.

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Look beyond the facade as these people are seeking status and popularity with the above circles, the end game is to take their … money. Celebrity here does not mean just movie celebs, it also includes malicious journalists, entertainers, comedians, speakers, and even certain charities. Money is the root of all problems, now please donate your money to my charity so that we can help fix that.

That Second Chance (Getting Lucky, #1) by Meghan Quinn

Time is a limited resource. The only difference is that the rent is higher. The best case scenario with trading time for money is that you can become well off — but you will never become rich. People want faster transport, someone made a car — high scalability, adds utility and gives people what they want, good business. People want a better more convenient way to shop — Amazon online retail store — internet based, adds utility and gives people what they want, high scalability, good business. Netflix, internet porn, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine pills, diet pills — all bad for you, but all of them give people what they want, can be done at scale — good business.

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Who would have thought that a teenager making videos of him playing video games and streaming them would make more money in a year than most people make in 10 years? Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. Pessimists question every opportunity with a negative lens, and before long, every opportunity starts to look suspicious.

Great builders but bad sellers end up working for other people for pennies on the dollar. You will, however, end up getting poorer when you give your hard earned money to some hustler selling you a get rich quick scheme. If it were possible to teach when to zig and when to zag in a school, someone would have coded that into a program.

Have you heard of a piece of software that started its own business? To summarize, going to school to learn entrepreneurship is like trying to learn how to swim without getting in the water. The only way to learn business is to either start one and learn on the job, or by working for another business and observing how things are done.

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And then you can hone it. In short, specific knowledge is conceptually very similar to talent. It is knowledge that you and very few other people know. Some talents you just have to be born with. You can hone specific knowledge — with effort, research and training. I fiddled with a lot of code, it would seem like hard work to an outside observer — but I was not working — I was having fun. The laborer has to be willing to do what you want him to do.

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  5. Think how big and expensive it would be to run a mall that gets people coming in every day. If you want people to trust you, you have to show people that you take responsibility for your own actions.

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    Steve Jobs was just as iconic as Apple. Macroeconomics is too broad and too subjective to get any value out of — macroeconomics is like politics that way.

    With that said, you can get there much faster by learning the basic foundational concepts, observations and strategies behind the markets. But when you combine hard work with talent, you can create results that are so ridiculously good that people accuse you of cheating. Your friend: Can you meet us at insert location 1 hour away for lunch?

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    You: No. Naval: Making money will not make you happy. What making money will do is that it will solve your money problems. It will remove a set of things that were in the way of being happy, but it is not in itself going to make you happy. Extraordinary knowledge with wisdom. Never read this before. Thanks for this thoughts free of cost.