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You may still encounter documents or websites that do not use UTF Most likely on websites that use an eastern language like Mandarin.

Because the website owners don't want to blow their money on bandwidth costs. Sounds strange?

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Well, let me explain. Documents with a lot of latin characters are smaller in size since the most common characters are only one byte big. Other writing systems are encoded in Unicode ranges where a single character can be up to four bytes big! So these documents are just bigger than documents written in a language that uses Latin characters.


An example of this phenomenon is the Russian social website, vk. This website uses the Windows encoding since it encodes the Cyrillic writing system in one-byte wide characters, saving bandwidth.

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Nowadays, UTF-8 is the most commonly used text format on the internet. It is also the backbone of this website, without Unicode, Lenny and all the other dongers would probably be limited to the ASCII character range. Favorite Lenny Faces Click to copy. Add favorites with the button.

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Lenny Faces Created By Others online. Why does the Ears list contain other stuff than just ears?

More features and characters will be added soon! About Unicode On one good day, mankind invented electronic computers. Legacy Encodings You see, computers don't think in letters and lines, but in bits, bytes and numbers. UTF-8 So how do we fix the problem of having all these different encodings? Old encodings would require the entire document to be written using the same encoding and thus writing system, inhibiting the user from using multiple writing systems in a single document.

The Owendoher is a glorious little river, dropping through a long series of falls, pools, and riffles.

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The elaborate, booby-trapped bunker held a tent, bedding, tinned food, and a supply of rifles, revolvers and explosives. The riverside trail looked short on our map but was tougher than we expected, climbing about metres over its course. The wood narrows at its upper reaches, bordered by fields and farmyards. From here we looked out over the city, and tried to pick out urban landmarks through the pale afternoon mist. Up here, high and unsheltered, the wind whipped into the woods, and we had to navigate around pines that had been torn up and dumped across the trail.

At the top of the wood, we turned back, and downhill we crossed the river and joined the nature trail. The Dublin Mountains Partnership has published an activity book for the trail on its website. But our legs were weary, and once someone ventured the notion of tea, we were making our way back to the car park before the light faded. Using the iSesamo spatula , unclip the bottom and right sides of the Wiko Lenny 2's internal chassis. With the tip of the nylon spatula, carefully remove the "adhesive" that covers the connection pad of the rear camera.

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With the tip of the nylon spatula, this time remove the "adhesive" that covers the connection ply of the front camera. Attention, the motherboard is still connected to the screen by the vibrator. Do not remove it entirely. Our goal is to make repairing accessible to all. Our team introduces you Captain Repair, an on-site repair service. The good point about it is that you can have the repair done at home, at work or at a coffee shop!

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Why not you? Symptoms: Lenny 2 who refuses to light HS motherboard. Do you have the spare parts to do the repair? Some parts are missing! Recommended repair kit. Required spare parts. Required tools. Standard tool kit. See product Add to cart.